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Cover: Meet the Community Helpers!

Meet the Community Helpers! - Reviewed by School Library Journal

Beginning readers can learn what it’s like to work as a doctor, librarian, firefighter, and mail carrier in this simple series that’s ideal for the early elementary grades. Each book features a real-life situation between a child and their family as they visit the library, doctor’s office,… View →

Cover: Speed Zone

Speed Zone - Reviewed by School Library Journal

More than just a series about fast vehicles, this dynamic set describes the science behind what gives these speedy machines their powerful zip. Superfast Cars explains how engineers work to reduce drag on aerodynamic race cars, letting them maximize their potential. Superfast Jets and… View →

Cover: Vowel Adventures

Vowel Adventures - Reviewed by School Library Journal

This series presents short narratives highlighting different vowels and their uses. Each book follows a child doing an everyday activity, such as going to the zoo or grocery store, told with an emphasis on a particular vowel (“Ivan and Ivy pick up a pizza. It is big!”) By using vowels in an View →

Cover: The World of Ocean Animals

The World of Ocean Animals - Reviewed by School Library Journal

General information, fun facts, and well-chosen photos introduce animals from ocean habitats. A few sentences per page describe physical characteristics, usually in relation to how those affect behaviors. The beluga’s coloring and neck flexibility, for example, are described in terms of how View →

Cover: Snowplows

Machines to the Rescue - Reviewed by School Library Journal

This series highlights big machines with important jobs. Readers get involved in the action, watching firefighters work in Fire Trucks and Firefighting Planes. While all the books are interesting and engaging, Tow Trucks is particularly cool as it runs through the whole process of getting… View →

Cover: All Around the World

All Around the World - Reviewed by School Library Journal

These titles familiarize readers about each respective country. The books include three chapters roughly six pages long and use full-page photographs and small paragraphs on top in a contrasting color. Chapters cover a wide range, from the climate, landscape, and wildlife to everyday life… View →

Cover: ¿De dónde viene? (Where Does It Come From?)

¿De dónde viene? (Where Does It Come From?) - Reviewed by School Library Journal

This series is perfect for kids who have ever wondered where their socks come from or how bicycles are made. The origins of socks, bicycles, crayons, paper, glass housewares, and clothing are presented through large color photos, fast facts, and simple diagrams. Some pages include both text View →

Cover: Foundations of Physics

Light and Sound - Reviewed by Booklist

Using straightforward yet clear text in a large font, this installment in the Foundations of Physics series (6 titles) offers a basic introduction to the physical concepts of light and sound. Starting with light, it explains how light travels in waves, as well as such related terms as… View →

Cover: Outback Babies

Emu Chicks - Reviewed by Booklist

Australia’s wispy-feathered emu stars in this offering from the Outback Babies series (6 titles). U.S. children may be unfamiliar with this ostrichlike bird, but here they’ll follow a group of chicks that hatch from dark green eggs and eventually grow up and lose their baby stripes. Cute… View →

Cover: Pollinator Pals

Benito the Bat Pollinates - Reviewed by Booklist

Meet Bonito, a friendly fruit bat! As part of the Pollinator Pals series (5 titles), Benito is thrilled to introduce himself and help blossoming readers hone their skills while learning about his world. He shows off the bat colony snoozing sweetly in his home cave, but when darkness falls,… View →

Cover: The Sky's the Limit

The Sky's the Limit - Reviewed by Booklist

Titles in the Sky’s the Limit series provide tips and information on how young readers can manage their lives, accomplish their goals, and create and maintain positive habits. Making Good Decisions discusses easy versus difficult decisions and presents five steps to help readers with the… View →

Cover: Patrones en la naturaleza (Patterns in Nature)

Patrones en la naturaleza (Patterns in Nature) - Reviewed by School Library Journal

Patterns and textures take the spotlight in this Spanish series about where to find patterns in all kinds of natural environments, including forests, deserts, gardens, and beaches. Readers as young as three will benefit from full-page color, high-definition close-ups of butterflies,… View →