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Cover: Better Together: Animal Groups

Each title in this series describes animal groupings and explores how the members benefit. For example, kangaroo mobs facilitate safety, child rearing, and grooming. One short paragraph per page explains a different key aspect of the social construct, accompanied by a large photo that… View →

Cover: Fun First Concepts

Series Made Simple

Colors, letters, shapes, and counting are introduced in this series, which uses bright colors and simple text to entice beginning readers. These slim volumes take a concept and present examples in a real-life setting, such as showing shapes as different street signs and a variety of insects View →

Cover: Turning Points in U.S. History

Series Made Simple

This series makes crucial events in U.S. history accessible to younger readers. Through clear writing and organization, the books describe the causes, the outcomes, and the conclusion of each turning point. Photographs, sidebars (which often contain facts and critical thinking questions),… View →

Cover: A Look at Continents

Series Made Simple

This series provides a visual tour of the seven land masses. Each continent gets its own book, featuring information on its climate, native animals, population, and unusual features. In Explore Africa, readers will learn about the Sahara desert, Mount Kilimanjaro, and the many animals in… View →

Cover: Yoga for Everyone

Series Made Simple

This colorful series introduces young readers to different types of yoga. There is also a book on breathing and meditation. Each title begins with helpful tips for caregivers (such as reflection questions and how yoga will help improve the lives of children) and closes with practice goals,… View →

Cover: Digital Planet

Series Made Simple

This simplified series explains how the digital world works. How Does Social Media Work? discusses the positives (like instant connection) as well as the safety concerns in sharing personal information online. How Does the Internet Work? provides a very basic overview of how the internet… View →

Cover: All Aboard

Series Made Simple

Bright photos and simple text make these latest entries to the Bullfrog family welcome additions. City Trains includes information on subways (like the London Underground) and above-ground trains (like the Chicago L). Freight Trains looks at all the different kinds of cargo transported by… View →

Cover: Los mapaches (Raccoons)

Los mapaches

This cute, raccoon primer in the Animales en tu jardín (Backyard Animals) series (8 titles)
teaches vocabulary that applies to many animals. Although there are only a few words per page, the use of vivid, high-quality photographs of creatures in different situations gives plenty of… View →

Cover: California Gold Rush

California Gold Rush

This graphic-rich introduction to the 1849 California gold rush walks readers through the basics, from the discovery of the first nuggets to the mass migration of hopeful prospectors to the sudden appearance of boomtowns to San Francisco’s transformation into a teeming metropolis. Simple,… View →

Cover: Mindfulness and Digital Devices

Mindfulness in Digital Devices

Jump!’s new Blue Owl imprint focuses on health, wellness, and social-emotional learning for children in the primary grades. This volume in the Mindful Me series (6 titles) presents relatable examples of practicing mindfulness and limiting screen time, without casting digital devices in a… View →

Cover: Todo tipo de amigos (All Kinds of Friends)

Series Made Simple

Children with disabilities deserve to be positively represented in the books they read. This excellent series in Spanish introduces readers to ability diversity in a compassionate and practical way. Readers will be drawn in by the book’s full-page color photographs of children from all… View →

Cover: Diversión con colores (Fun with Colors)

Series Made Simple

This series in Spanish introduces beginning readers to all the colors of the rainbow and where to find them in nature, at home, and more. Examples of everyday objects in every color are shown in detailed, vibrant full-color photographs. Each page is limited to one line of text or a short… View →