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Cover: Asian Giant Hornets

Booklist Review of Asian Giant Hornets

With roughly 20 times the heft of the European honeybee, the Asian giant hornet makes a View →

Cover: Blueberry

Booklist Review of Blueberry

Well designed for beginning readers and for reading aloud to younger children, books in the See a Plant Grow! series (8 titles) encourage viewers to look closely at changes in the plants… This title opens with an illustrated list of six terms (berries, buds, closed, leaves, o View →

Cover: See a Plant Grow!

SLJ Review of See A Plant Grow!

Showing the transformative visuals from seed to flower to fruit, these reader styled titles seek to introduce early readers to the growth cycles of familiar plants using simple language and vibrant… Vocabulary is presented at the front and back of each title with photog View →

Cover: First Routines

SLJ Review of First Routines

From breakfast to bedtime, these daily activities that children go through are explained with easy to ­understand sentences and photographs of children taking charge of their… For early readers who are starting to develop their vocabulary, the task specific words highlighte View →

Cover: Construction Zone

SLJ Review of Construction Zone

This addition to the imprint is ideal for readers who love big construction site behemoths. Bright, vivid photos illustrate the basic text, allowing readers to use context clues to decipher more difficult… Images of bright orange mixers pouring concrete and rollers smoothing View →

Cover: Math Adventures Level 2

SLJ Review of Math Adventures

Everyday family math situations fill this series. Children notice the various shapes among the kites at the park or check the clock while getting ready for a family… Characters have a range of skin tones, hair textures, and culturally diverse names; some also use medical devic View →

Cover: First Experiences

SLJ Review of First Experiences

This adorable series will help young children overcome their fear of new situations. Each book is narrated by a child facing an unfamiliar experience. They express their feelings to a parent and receive advice to help them cope. In the end they discover that there was nothing to be… View →

Cover: Regions of the United States

SLJ Review of Regions of the United States

A short series about the various regions of the United States. The books open with ideas for educators and caregivers for before, during, and after reading followed by a table of contents with three to four chapters of varying… Each region’s history, location, geography, wi View →

Cover: Explore the West

Booklist Review of Explore the West

The U.S. is vast and varied, and here readers are offered a succinct snapshot of the American West. The book opens with a rapid historical overview that touches on the West’s original Indigenous inhabitants, the Louisiana Purchase, the Lewis and Clark expedition, and California Gold… View →

Cover: Cuttlefish

Booklist Review of Science Behind the Colors

The eye-catching Science behind the Colors series uses pigment and patterns as an inroad into studying some of the animal king- dom’s most curiously colorful creatures. Each title is broken into short chapters, with only a few sentences per page, that explain how each… View →

Cover: Angkor Wat

Booklist Review of Whole Wide World

These new books in the Whole Wide World series present exciting destinations around the world to young readers. Each book focuses on one large, famous structure, describing its parts, its construction, and what visitors can see there… Angkor Wat explains how the world’s View →

Cover: Mindful Music and Dancing

Booklist Advance Review Mindful Music and Dancing

This resource-filled guide, part of the Art of Mindfulness series (4 titles), lets kids explore SEL after-reading prompts as well as an View →