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Cover: STEM in the Summer Olympics

Series Made Simple

Having a hard time convincing sports lovers that STEM includes them? Then look no further—these titles cover bikes, boats, balls, and balance beams. The text asks questions to draw readers in and provides details about the science behind the equipment, uniforms, and techniques for the… View →

Cover: Todo tipo de amigos (All Kinds of Friends)

Series Made Simple

Children with disabilities deserve to be positively represented in the books they read. This excellent series in Spanish introduces readers to ability diversity in a compassionate and practical way. Readers will be drawn in by the book’s full-page color photographs of children from all… View →

Cover: Shark Bites

Series Made Simple

Vivid photographs and minimal text work together in this set for younger readers. Basic descriptions of shark attributes include questions and answers, along with occasional interjections: “What is this? A mako shark! Wow!” Though occasionally awkwardly worded, the loose, simple narrative… View →

Cover: Diversión con colores (Fun with Colors)

Series Made Simple

This series in Spanish introduces beginning readers to all the colors of the rainbow and where to find them in nature, at home, and more. Examples of everyday objects in every color are shown in detailed, vibrant full-color photographs. Each page is limited to one line of text or a short… View →

Cover: Cool Castles and Palaces

Series Made Simple

Authors invite readers to embark on a tour of each castle or palace, with sentences like “Atop an extinct volcano in Edinburgh, Scotland, sits a fortress. It is more than 600 years old.” A table of contents, color photographs, sidebars, critical thinking questions, a location map, a layout… View →

Cover: Space Voyager

Booklist Top Ten

Each title introduces beginning readers to a planet, as well as the sun, the moon, and Pluto and the dwarf planets, through large font and simple text. Close-up color photographs reveal the solar system’s composition, beauty, variation, and size comparisons. —Angela Leeper View →

Cover: Cool Castles and Palaces

Readers are given keys to some of the world’s most lavish and secretive abodes when they pick up the Cool Castles and Palaces series. Each book focuses on one royal dwelling, offering a snapshot of its history, inhabitants, layout, function today, and, of course, copious photos. Inviting… View →

Cover: My Friend Is Deaf

The All Kinds of Friends series (6 titles) does an excellent job of educating readers about differently abled individuals while presenting them as perfectly normal. This book, aimed at beginning readers, showcases how deaf children can communicate (through sign language and speech therapy)… View →

Cover: Noses

An array of animal noses are on display in this entry in the Animal Part Smarts series (6 titles), which is designed with the youngest readers in mind. The well-labeled pictures take center stage, while simple, declarative sentences assist in emerging readers as they make their way through… View →

Cover: Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

“Because even young children are media consumers, these volumes in the Digital Citizenship series help them become savvy users. Colorful layouts and direct, conversational text comprise examples that are both clear and timely to highlight each topic. Facts and Opinions educates students on… ”/editorial_reviews/885">View →

Cover: Communication Then and Now

Series Made Simple

The six titles in this series make comparisons between current topics of interest and their historical counterparts. Toys, cooking techniques, or communication methods of the past are then compared to current technology and the possibilities of the future. Information is brief and… View →

Cover: Saving the Grizzly Bear

Series Made Simple

The history and current status of animal conservation efforts are introduced through simple language and solid visual content. Readers learn the major causes of the animals’ decline, plus a bit about the actions taken in response. Government acts are the most frequently cited impetus for… View →