Founded in 2012 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Jump! publishes children’s nonfiction with a focus on curriculum-aligned subjects for emergent through early-fluent readers. Our books combine vibrant colors with captivating photography and corresponding text to draw readers into the subject and encourage reading success.

Our Mission

Jump! is dedicated to improving literacy and enriching children’s lives. We strive to accomplish this by publishing great content that makes reading fun, inspires curiosity about the world, and ultimately leads to a lifetime of learning.

Children open books in hopes of seeing their own lives, interests, and experiences within the pages. It is this perspective that drives every choice we make when creating our books. Jump! strives for diversity and inclusion, showing people in our books at every age, from all ethnicities, and with varying abilities. In addition, we take great care to avoid showing children and adults in stereotypical gender roles. These efforts help ensure our readers see themselves and others as equal members of our communities.

Our Imprints


Tadpole books are created to support reading instruction. With GRL levels A-E, all Tadpole books feature age-appropriate subjects, vibrant photographs, and thoughtfully crafted text to help the youngest students learn to read their very first nonfiction books.

Bullfrog Books

Bullfrog Books are designed for beginning readers in grades K-3. With ATOS levels of 1.0 or lower and Lexile levels between BR and 400L for all titles, Bullfrog Books help readers understand key features of text, build vocabulary, identify main topics and themes, and explain how images contribute to and clarify a text.


Pogo books are written for children in grades 2-5 and focus on STEM and Social Studies topics. Designed for early fluent readers and packed with attractive infographics, each Pogo title offers strategies for teachers, parents, and other adults to increase literacy skills, improve book knowledge, and instill a love of reading in children.