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115 nonfiction titles across 12 levels for grades PreK-4 are available now!

Decodables by Jump! begins with the very basics of phonetically decodable reading. Starting with the earliest step of CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant) and building on this combination slowly, the reader follows a prescribed format supported by the science of reading to encourage reading development.

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Jump Decodables Chart

Level 0 – Lilac Titles for Grades PreK-K

Level 1 – Pink Titles for Grades PreK-K

Level 2 – Red Titles for Grades PreK-1

Level 3 – Yellow Titles for Grades K-1

Level 4 – Blue Titles for Grade 1

Level 5 – Green Titles for Grades 1-2

Level 6 – Orange Titles for Grades 2-3

Level 7 – Turquoise Titles for Grades 2-3

Level 8 – Purple Titles for Grades 2-3

Level 9 – Gold Titles for Grade 3

Level 10 – White Titles for Grade 3-4

Level 11 – Lime Titles for Grades 3-4

Looking for fiction?

Our friends at Bearport Publishing follow the same color band levels and are offering 166 decodable titles in fiction to pair perfectly with Jump!’s nonfiction offering. Check it out!
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