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Updated on 11 March 2024

Content Areas

basketball sports


Preschool - Grade 1


Skills to Teach
HIGH-FREQUENCY WORDS: a, ball, do, each, goes,
he, in, is, it, let’s, on, play, she, the, there, they, this,
to, two, want, you
CONTENT WORDS: basketball, court, dribbles, end,
hoop, net, passes, player, points, score, shoots
PUNCTUATION: exclamation points, periods,
question mark
WORD STUDY: compound word (basketball);
long /a/, spelled ay (play, player); /oo/ spelled
oo (hoop, shoots); r-controlled vowels (court)
TEXT TYPE: factual description
Before Reading Activities
• Read the title and give a simple statement
of the main idea.
• Have students “walk” through the book and
talk about what they see in the pictures.
• Introduce new vocabulary by having students
predict the first letter and locate the word in the text.
• Discuss any unfamiliar concepts that are in the text.
After Reading Activities
Playing sports involves moving our bodies.
Flip back through the book with readers.
What actions do they see? Have they ever
dribbled or passed a basketball or shot a
basket? Ask readers to name other sports.
Talk about the actions involved in each.
Can the readers name these movements
and act them out?

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