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Amazing Migrations

Amazing Migrations introduces early fluent readers to some of the most amazing animal migrations in a fun, fictional approach. Readers will learn about the appearances, habitats, life cycles, behaviors, diets, and survival techniques through the perspective of animals as they embark on their journeys. Bright, fun illustrations match the storylines to enhance imagination, and tightly controlled text helps children enhance reading skills.

Titles include tools for teachers and caregivers, a table of contents, and a glossary to reinforce new vocabulary. Additional features include a migration map and a Let's Review! section to enhance learning on the topic.

Fall 2022 Animals · Science and Math

On the Move with Caribou

In this title, early fluent readers follow Carly the caribou calf as she and her herd migrate south in fall in search of food. Read along as Carly avoids predators, crosses rivers, and climbs More →

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