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Science Behind the Colors

Why are flamingos pink? How does a blue-footed booby use its blue feet? Find these answers and more about some of nature’s most colorful creatures in Science Behind the Colors. Each book highlights a specific animal, detailing how and why the animal gets its colors, how so and if they change, and what purpose the colors serve. Bright, full-color photographs complement the carefully leveled text to make reading for understanding easy and fun. Includes diagrams, sidebars, photo labels, an activity, glossary, and index.

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: Blue-Footed Boobies Blue-Footed Boobies Fall 2020 2.6
Cover: Chameleons Chameleons Fall 2020 2.7
Cover: Flamingos Flamingos Fall 2020 2.7
Cover: Mandarinfish Mandarinfish Fall 2020 2.7
Cover: Poison Frogs Poison Frogs Fall 2020 2.8
Cover: Sea Slugs Sea Slugs Fall 2020 2.8