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Back Off! Animal Defenses

From spines to stink and from armor to electricity, animals have many ways of saying, "Back off!" These books introduce young readers to some of the unique protective adaptations animals employ. The narrative nonfiction format engages readers in a story while vibrant photographs illustrate concepts. Includes infographics, an activity, glossary, and index.

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: Armored Animals Armored Animals 2.6
Cover: Electric Animals Electric Animals 2.6
Cover: Horned Animals Horned Animals 2.3
Cover: Prickly Animals Prickly Animals 2.7
Cover: Slimy Animals Slimy Animals 2.8
Cover: Stinky Animals Stinky Animals 2.6
Cover: Undercover Animals Undercover Animals 2.8
Cover: Venomous Animals Venomous Animals 2.7

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