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Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: Black Black
Cover: Pink Pink
Cover: I See Caterpillars I See Caterpillars
Cover: Veo saltamontes (I See Grasshoppers) Veo saltamontes (I See Grasshoppers)
Cover: Las orejas (Ears) Las orejas (Ears)
Cover: I See Wasps I See Wasps
Cover: Veo orugas (I See Caterpillars) Veo orugas (I See Caterpillars)
Cover: Veo avispas (I See Wasps) Veo avispas (I See Wasps)
Cover: Fun with Colors Fun with Colors (10 titles)
Cover: Purple Purple
Cover: I See Moths I See Moths
Cover: Orange Orange
Cover: Los cuernos (Horns) Los cuernos (Horns)
Cover: Veo mariposas nocturnas (I See Moths) Veo mariposas nocturnas (I See Moths)
Cover: Las patas (Feet) Las patas (Feet)
Cover: Las narices (Noses) Las narices (Noses)
Cover: I See Beetles I See Beetles
Cover: Green Green
Cover: I See Grasshoppers I See Grasshoppers
Cover: Veo escarabajos (I See Beetles) Veo escarabajos (I See Beetles)
Cover: Gray Gray
Cover: Brown Brown
Cover: Blue Blue
Cover: Los ojos (Eyes) Los ojos (Eyes)