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Grade 5

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: Toys Then and Now Toys Then and Now 2.7
Cover: Cooking Then and Now Cooking Then and Now 2.5
Cover: Homes Then and Now Homes Then and Now 2.6
Cover: Communication Then and Now Communication Then and Now 2.7
Cover: Transportation Then and Now Transportation Then and Now 2.8
Cover: Clothing Then and Now Clothing Then and Now 2.8
Cover: India India 2.7
Cover: Obeying Laws Obeying Laws 2.7
Cover: South Korea South Korea 2.9
Cover: Mexico Mexico 2.8
Cover: Canada Canada 2.9
Cover: Voting Voting 2.9
Cover: Cuba Cuba 2.7
Cover: Haiti Haiti 2.9
Cover: Russia Russia 2.9
Cover: Serving on a Jury Serving on a Jury 2.9
Cover: Iraq Iraq 2.9
Cover: Serving in the Military Serving in the Military 3.5
Cover: China China 2.8
Cover: Japan Japan 2.8
Cover: Italy Italy 2.9
Cover: Egypt Egypt 2.9
Cover: Brazil Brazil 2.8
Cover: Volunteering Volunteering