Video: Bullfrog Books Helps Young Readers Connect Text to the World Around Them

Watch our new imprint trailer to learn more about Bullfrog Books!

Our first imprint, Bullfrog Books, is designed for beginning readers in grades K-2. With ATOS levels of 1.0 or lower and Lexile levels between BR and 320L, these low-level, high-interest titles help young readers bridge the gap of understanding between the text on the page and its reference to the world.

Developed to support the goals of the Common Core Reading Standards for Informational Text, Bullfrog Books help readers understand key features of text, build vocabulary, identify main topics and themes, and explain how images contribute to and clarify a text. Each Bullfrog title offers strategies for teachers, parents, and other adults to increase literacy skills, improve book knowledge, and instill a love of reading in children.

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