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Cover: All Around the World

These titles familiarize readers about each respective country. The books include three chapters roughly six pages long and use full-page photographs and small paragraphs on top in a contrasting color. Chapters cover a wide range, from the climate, landscape, and wildlife to everyday life for the citizens including food, education, entertainment, holidays, and government. There is also a quick facts section with infographics and basic maps for “at a glance” information, along with a glossary, index, and what to read to learn more. Teachers and caregivers are also given guidance and a reading prompt for before, during, and after reading. VERDICT A good introductory series for readers interested in exploring the world or working on a school project.

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: All Around the World All Around the World (62 titles) Soon! Spring 2023
Cover: All Around the World All Around the World (62 titles)
Cover: Algeria Algeria 2.7
Cover: Austria Austria 2.8
Cover: Bahrain Bahrain 2.9
Cover: Finland Finland 2.8
Cover: Hungary Hungary 2.9
Cover: Jamaica Jamaica 2.7
Cover: Kuwait Kuwait 2.7
Cover: Laos Laos 2.8
Cover: Madagascar Madagascar 2.7
Cover: New Zealand New Zealand 2.8
Cover: Norway Norway 2.6
Cover: Panama Panama 2.8
Cover: United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 2.9

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