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Los grandes felinos (Big Cats) - Reviewed by School Library Journal

Cover: Los grandes felinos (Big Cats)

How do different types of big cats survive in the wild? Readers will learn the answer to that question, and much more, thanks to this Spanish series about six species of big cats. The organized layout and simple format of these books make them perfect for beginning readers who are interested in the animal kingdom. Color photographs cover each page and are appropriately placed between words and white space. Captions identify different body parts, like tails and paws, and give examples of how each helps the cats survive in their respective habitats. VERDICT These books will delight cat lovers, and bilingual and Spanish-speaking children deserve an exciting series in their native language.

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: Los grandes felinos (Big Cats) Los grandes felinos (Big Cats) (6 titles)
Cover: Los guepardos (Cheetahs) Los guepardos (Cheetahs) 1.7
Cover: Los jaguares (Jaguars) Los jaguares (Jaguars) 1.6
Cover: Los leones (Lions) Los leones (Lions) 1.4
Cover: Los leopardos (Leopards) Los leopardos (Leopards) 1.3
Cover: Los pumas (Cougars) Los pumas (Cougars) 1.2
Cover: Los tigres (Tigers) Los tigres (Tigers) 1.3

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