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In this aptly titled entry in the Celebrating Our Communities series (6 titles), Colich discusses the strengths of differently abled children. Frustrations and disabilities appear, but only abilities define people. Sometimes this focus and upbeat tone feels a little forced, but its overall effect is one of joyful empowerment. The disabilities mentioned include both the visible (blindness or the need for a wheelchair) and the hidden (ADHD). Additional themes include respect, empathy, finding your own strengths, and working together with people whose strengths or abilities are different. Racially diverse stock photos provide cheerful faces to match each child whose strengths or abilities are discussed. The book’s positive tone, empowering message, and focus on personal strengths provide a helpful lens for discussing both abilities and disabilities in the broader context of individualism.
— Miriam Aronin

—Miriam Aronin

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