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Series Made Simple

Cover: Digital Planet

This simplified series explains how the digital world works. How Does Social Media Work? discusses the positives (like instant connection) as well as the safety concerns in sharing personal information online. How Does the Internet Work? provides a very basic overview of how the internet transfers data from one computer to another. A small sidebar briefly mentions safety, but not enough to make it truly helpful. What Are Apps? describes the development and benefits of the various apps on the market. What Is Coding? focuses on the results produced by coding rather than how to code, but emphasis is placed on the user-friendly accessibility of some platforms, especially for young children. Each book concludes with activities and tools that encourage further exploration, like creating a fake social media site based on a favorite hobby. VERDICT A fine supplemental purchase.

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: Digital Planet Digital Planet (4 titles) Spring 2020
Cover: How Does the Internet Work? How Does the Internet Work? Spring 2020 2.7
Cover: How Does Social Media Work? How Does Social Media Work? Spring 2020 2.9
Cover: What Are Apps? What Are Apps? Spring 2020 2.8
Cover: What Is Coding? What Is Coding? Spring 2020 2.8

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