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Series Made Simple

Cover: A Look at Continents

This series provides a visual tour of the seven land masses. Each continent gets its own book, featuring information on its climate, native animals, population, and unusual features. In Explore Africa, readers will learn about the Sahara desert, Mount Kilimanjaro, and the many animals in the Serengeti. Explore Antarctica features a close-up look at penguins, seals, and the international researchers who work at the science stations. Students who read the whole series will see repeated geography terms such as plateau and equator. A glossary and an index complete each book. VERDICT Full-page images and large text make this an appealing, informative guide to the continents.

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: A Look at Continents A Look at Continents (7 titles) Spring 2020
Cover: Explore Africa Explore Africa Spring 2020 3.1
Cover: Explore Antarctica Explore Antarctica Spring 2020 3.1
Cover: Explore Asia Explore Asia Spring 2020 3.1
Cover: Explore Australia Explore Australia Spring 2020 3.0
Cover: Explore Europe Explore Europe Spring 2020 3.1
Cover: Explore North America Explore North America Spring 2020 3.3
Cover: Explore South America Explore South America Spring 2020 3.2

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