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Series Made Simple

Cover: Shark Bites

Vivid photographs and minimal text work together in this set for younger readers. Basic descriptions of shark attributes include questions and answers, along with occasional interjections: “What is this? A mako shark! Wow!” Though occasionally awkwardly worded, the loose, simple narrative is accessible to beginning readers and strongly supported by excellent photographs that show exactly what the reader needs to see. The whale shark, for example, is described as spotted, flat, white-bellied, and huge: Four photographs, varied between ocean settings and white backgrounds, are perfectly chosen to highlight each of those features. Action scenes depicting hunting, feeding and breaching provide further visual appeal. Selective use of labels links text to pictures where needed. Each book closes with a photo highlighting body parts and a brief picture glossary. VERDICT Good choice for younger readers with high ­visual appeal.

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Cover: Shark Bites Shark Bites (7 titles)
Cover: Angel Shark Angel Shark 1.0
Cover: Blue Shark Blue Shark 1.0
Cover: Great White Shark Great White Shark 1.0
Cover: Hammerhead Shark Hammerhead Shark 1.0
Cover: Mako Shark Mako Shark 1.0
Cover: Tiger Shark Tiger Shark 1.0
Cover: Whale Shark Whale Shark 1.0

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