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Cover: Super Hummingbirds

This zippy title lives up to its series name, Nature’s Superheroes (5 titles), as Kenney presents a variety of awe-inspiring, “super” hummingbird facts. Hummingbirds’ abilities, such as flying backward, are presented as “powers,” which feels exciting but not hyperbolic, because facts carefully support each assertion. Some of the details, such as how these tiny creatures move their wings in a figure-eight pattern or only use their feet to perch—not walk, may surprise even adult readers. The facts in the text are not only interesting, but also well integrated. Short, simple sentences flow together easily to build larger ideas. Beautiful, close-up photos on every spread add a sense of immediacy and focus to the text, and a helpful diagram labels this bird’s main features. One small caveat: adults may wish to check that they live in a hummingbird-friendly area before encouraging children to do the suggested project of making and observing hummingbird feeders. Overall, though, this book makes learning about nature wondrous and engaging for both children and adults. — Miriam Aronin

—Miriam Aronin

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