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Cover: Holi

This entry in the Festivals series describes a holiday many Western readers may not recognize: Holi, a
Hindu celebration. Geared towards the very young, this uses short sentences and simple words to convey
details of the festival. Holi takes place during spring in India, when the moon is full; participants build a
bonfire and cover each other with colored powders. Briefly, this explains the origins of the holiday (“We
remember a special boy. His bad aunt Holika put him in a fire. But he lived!”) and offers many lively,
enthusiastic photos of revelers covered in the brightly colored powders. A final diagram explains what the
various colors mean (“Blue stands for power and life."" “Pink stands for joy.”) while a brief introduction
offers lesson ideas for educators. An eye-catching first look for new readers.

—Maggie Reagan

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