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Cover: Coral Snakes

Snakes take center stage in this addition to the Reptile World series. Venomous snakes and strangling snakes get equal page time in these four volumes, which are structured for the early reader: bold, colorful (and sometimes gruesome!) photos are the focus, offset by a straightforward text that utilizes action words and simple vocabulary. The star of Anacondasis notable for its massive size; though slow on land, its hunting skills in the water are demonstrated as it catches a caiman. Early readers are further assisted by each volume’s final picture glossary, which will help them to visualize potentially unfamiliar terms, and a diagram of each snake and its surprisingly varied parts. The high-interest topic (and the images that show the snakes devouring their prey) will attract readers, while the upbeat tone will help alleviate the fears of fledgling researchers.— Maggie Reagan

—Maggie Reagan

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