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Series Made Simple

Cover: Birds

A variety of animal houses are introduced, supported with excellent visuals. After a bit of general information about the topic group, the content focuses on their homes and how they create them. Some titles, such as Birds and Ants, provide a little bit about the living quarters of a variety of species. Others, such as Beavers, focus more on one particular type of structure. The writing is mostly concise and focused, covering the building process, the function of the home, and how humans and the environment are impacted. High-quality and large photographs switch neatly from broad views to close-up details of animals at work. Clear diagrams complement the photographs, presenting details that are harder to show, such as the ventilation shafts of a termite mound and the tunnels and chambers built by a mole. VERDICT Consider this series for its solid writing and eye-catching visuals.

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Cover: Birds Birds 2.9

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