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Cover: Monte Rushmore (Mount Rushmore)

Have you ever wondered how long it took to carve out Mount Rushmore, who takes care of it, and who are
those faces, anyway? These questions and more are answered in this primer written in Spanish for earlyelementary
students. It’s plastered with full-color photographs, ranging from sticks of dynamite used to
blast away bits of the mountain for carving to historic in-progress photos. A nifty closing glossary (with
photos) and an index give readers an opportunity to go back and review. This concise look at the
construction of Mount Rushmore and the history of the presidents it honors is suited for both Spanishspeaking
children and learners of Spanish, since the language is simple and the topic is educational, geared
to anyone who has an interest in learning about one of the nation’s most well-known monuments.

—Kristina Pino

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