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Series Made Simple

Cover: Ahorrar dinero (Saving Money)

Basic money concepts are presented in an easy-to-read format for young learners. Topics covered include: how to earn and save money and go shopping. Necesidades y deseos invites readers to make responsible decisions by giving them the choice between necessities and discretionary spending. Each volume provides introductory questions and conversation starters for caregivers to consider before, during, and after reading each book. Full-page color photographs correspond to the text, and illustrate a variety of activities related to each theme. A photographic glossary, comprehension questions, and suggestions for further learning are included. One things librarians should note: the name of the series uses the word inteligente when sabio would have been much more accurate. VERDICT An accessible introduction to currency for children.

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Cover: Ahorrar dinero (Saving Money) Ahorrar dinero (Saving Money) 1.6

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