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Cover: Guinea Pigs

Using an early reader format, these entries in the My First Pet series introduce young children to basic care of common pets. Extreme cuteness with large color photos of animals and their diverse kid owners in action (highlighted by vibrant frames and occasional labels) drives the appeal. The simple, fun text encourages independent reading. After Ava looks for a feline friend at a shelter in Cats, other children show how they feed and play with their cats, scoop their poop, and take them to the vet. In Dogs, kid owners demonstrate dog-care essentials, such as food and water, as well as exercise, baths, check-ups, and “dog school” for obedience. Guinea Pigs emphasizes that these pets do not like to live alone. Following a mate found for lonely Honey, the book depicts their specialized care, from food pellets and hiding places to grooming and cleaning their cages. Though turtles seem less needy than other pets, Turtles explains that many people abandon them because they live for a long time. Once Kim picks out Tex at a shelter, the book describes its special needs, including a heat lamp and place to swim. A concluding visual sums up each animal’s care regiment. An attractive series to explore before or after “Mom, can I keep it?”

—Angela Leeper

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