Stephanie Finne

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Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: States of Mind States of Mind (8 titles) New! Fall 2021
Cover: I Feel Grouchy I Feel Grouchy New! Fall 2021 3.2
Cover: I Feel Impatient I Feel Impatient New! Fall 2021
Cover: I Feel Jealous I Feel Jealous New! Fall 2021
Cover: I Feel Shy I Feel Shy New! Fall 2021
Cover: Making Good Decisions Making Good Decisions New! Spring 2021
Cover: Managing Time Managing Time New! Spring 2021
Cover: Practicing Self-Care Practicing Self-Care New! Spring 2021
Cover: Setting Limits Setting Limits New! Spring 2021
Cover: Facing Life's Challenges Facing Life's Challenges (4 titles)
Cover: Facing Bullying Facing Bullying
Cover: Facing Death Facing Death

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