Karen Latchana Kenney

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Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: Better Together: Animal Groups Better Together: Animal Groups (8 titles)
Cover: Bat Colonies Bat Colonies 2.4
Cover: Fish Schools Fish Schools 2.5
Cover: Geese Gaggles Geese Gaggles 2.4
Cover: Kangaroo Mobs Kangaroo Mobs 2.4
Cover: Lion Prides Lion Prides 2.5
Cover: Monkey Troops Monkey Troops 2.5
Cover: Orca Whale Pods Orca Whale Pods 2.4
Cover: Wolf Packs Wolf Packs 2.5
Cover: Digital Planet Digital Planet (4 titles)
Cover: Great Animal Comebacks Great Animal Comebacks (8 titles)
Cover: Saving the American Alligator Saving the American Alligator 2.9

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