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BISAC Subject JNF053200

JUVENILE NONFICTION / Social Topics / Values & Virtues

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: Don't Give Up Don't Give Up Spring 2020 2.4
Cover: Ask for Help Ask for Help Spring 2020 2.5
Cover: Leadership on the Playground Leadership on the Playground Spring 2020 2.9
Cover: Set Goals Set Goals Spring 2020 2.8
Cover: Leadership at Home Leadership at Home Spring 2020 2.8
Cover: Leadership at School Leadership at School Spring 2020 2.9
Cover: Leadership in Sports Leadership in Sports Spring 2020 3.0
Cover: Ser optimistas (Being Optimistic) Ser optimistas (Being Optimistic) Fall 2019 1.7
Cover: Ser tolerantes (Being Tolerant) Ser tolerantes (Being Tolerant) Fall 2019 1.1
Cover: Tener empatía (Having Empathy) Tener empatía (Having Empathy) Fall 2019 1.2
Cover: Mostrar respeto (Showing Respect) Mostrar respeto (Showing Respect) Fall 2019 0.9
Cover: Resolver conflictos (Resolving Conflict) Resolver conflictos (Resolving Conflict) Fall 2019 1.2
Cover: Ser justos (Being Fair) Ser justos (Being Fair) Fall 2019 1.5
Cover: Being Fair Being Fair Fall 2019 1.0
Cover: Being Optimistic Being Optimistic Fall 2019 1.0
Cover: Being Tolerant Being Tolerant Fall 2019 1.0
Cover: Having Empathy Having Empathy Fall 2019 1.0
Cover: Resolving Conflict Resolving Conflict Fall 2019 0.9
Cover: Showing Respect Showing Respect Fall 2019 1.0
Cover: Being Grateful Being Grateful 1.0
Cover: Showing Generosity Showing Generosity 0.9
Cover: Resisting Bullying Resisting Bullying 0.8
Cover: Being Responsible Being Responsible 0.9
Cover: Being Honest Being Honest 0.9