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Ecosistemas (Ecosystems)

From hot, wet rain forests to cold, dry tundras, our world is filled with amazing places, and all of them are rich with life. This fascinating series explores the unique characteristics that define an ecosystem, introducing readers to the plants and animals adapted to live there. Supportive text is enhanced with vibrant, full-color photos to make reading informational text easy and fun.

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: Arrecifes de coral (Coral Reefs) Arrecifes de coral (Coral Reefs) 1.3
Cover: Bosques (Forests) Bosques (Forests) 1.2
Cover: Desiertos (Deserts) Desiertos (Deserts) 1.5
Cover: Humedales (Wetlands) Humedales (Wetlands) 1.1
Cover: Océanos (Oceans) Océanos (Oceans) 1.6
Cover: Praderas (Grasslands) Praderas (Grasslands) 1.4
Cover: Selvas (Rain Forests) Selvas (Rain Forests) 1.3
Cover: Tundras (Tundras) Tundras (Tundras) 1.7

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