Grades PreK - 3
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Grades PreK - 3

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: Track and Field Track and Field 0.8
Cover: Presidents' Day Presidents' Day 1.0
Cover: Figure Skating Figure Skating 0.9
Cover: U.S. Capitol U.S. Capitol 1.0
Cover: Using Money Using Money 1.0
Cover: Ahorrar dinero (Saving Money) Ahorrar dinero (Saving Money) 1.6
Cover: Snowboarding Snowboarding 0.9
Cover: Independence Day Independence Day 1.0
Cover: Golden Gate Bridge Golden Gate Bridge 1.0
Cover: Saving Money Saving Money 1.0
Cover: Cheerleading Cheerleading 0.9
Cover: Colonial Williamsburg Colonial Williamsburg 1.0
Cover: Gateway Arch Gateway Arch 1.0
Cover: Empire State Building Empire State Building 1.0
Cover: Surfing Surfing 1.0
Cover: Needs and Wants Needs and Wants 0.9
Cover: Washington Monument Washington Monument 1.0
Cover: What Is Money? What Is Money? 0.9
Cover: Showing Perseverance Showing Perseverance 0.8
Cover: Earth Day Earth Day 1.0
Cover: Labor Day Labor Day 1.0
Cover: Día de la Tierra (Earth Day) Día de la Tierra (Earth Day) 1.5
Cover: Earning Money Earning Money 0.9
Cover: Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial 1.0