Grades PreK - 3
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Grades PreK - 3

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cover: Culturas diferentes (Different Cultures) Culturas diferentes (Different Cultures) 1.2
Cover: Lambs Lambs 0.5
Cover: Hot and Cold Hot and Cold 0.7
Cover: Patterns in Spring Patterns in Spring 0.8
Cover: Big and Little Big and Little 0.5
Cover: Patterns in Summer Patterns in Summer 0.8
Cover: Wet and Dry Wet and Dry 0.6
Cover: Patterns in Winter Patterns in Winter 0.9
Cover: Fast and Slow Fast and Slow 0.6
Cover: Patterns in Fall Patterns in Fall 0.9
Cover: Anfibios (Amphibians) Anfibios (Amphibians) 1.1
Cover: Insectos (Insects) Insectos (Insects) 1.5
Cover: Mamíferos (Mammals) Mamíferos (Mammals) 1.3
Cover: Ejercicio (Exercise) Ejercicio (Exercise) 1.6
Cover: Verduras (Vegetables) Verduras (Vegetables) 1.5
Cover: Reptiles (Reptiles) Reptiles (Reptiles) 1.4
Cover: Juneteenth (Juneteenth) Juneteenth (Juneteenth) 1.9
Cover: Día de los Caídos (Memorial Day) Día de los Caídos (Memorial Day) 1.7
Cover: Monte Rushmore (Mount Rushmore) Monte Rushmore (Mount Rushmore) 1.9
Cover: La Casa Blanca (White House) La Casa Blanca (White House) 1.4
Cover: El Álamo (Alamo) El Álamo (Alamo) 1.7
Cover: Isla Ellis (Ellis Island) Isla Ellis (Ellis Island) 1.9
Cover: La actuación (Acting) La actuación (Acting) 1.2
Cover: La danza (Dance) La danza (Dance) 1.4