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Spring '19 Biographies · Social Studies

In the Spotlight

Series of 14 titles

How is Serena Williams working for schools? How does Anthony Rizzo help kids with cancer? How is Elon Musk increasing the use of alternative energy? In the Spotlight introduces early readers… More →

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Spring '19 Science and Math · STEM

Watch It Grow

Series of 8 titles

Did you know pineapples grow on top of plants? How do pumpkins grow from seeds? Watch It Grow appeals to early readers interested in learning more about how plants grow and the steps in their… More →

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Fall '18 Animals · Science and Math · STEM

An Eye on Spiders

Series of 7 titles

Kids are inherently curious about spiders, and there are so many different kinds! Explore what makes different spiders from around the world so interesting with An Eye on Spiders. Carefully… More →

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Fall '18 Machines · Science and Math · STEM

Machines and Motion

Series of 6 titles

What do wheels and axles help us do? How does a pulley work? Why does an inclined plane make carrying a load easier? Each book in Machines and Motion highlights and explains one of the six… More →

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Fall '18 Animals · STEM

Paw Prints

Series of 12 titles

Kids love furry friends, and there are so many different kinds! Explore what makes every dog breed different with Paw Prints. Carefully leveled text and playful photographs introduce readers… More →

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SEL · Social Studies

Building Character

Series of 7 titles

Tell the truth. Say please and thank you. Do your chores. These are just a few ways to show and build good character. In these inspiring and engaging titles, young readers will learn more… More →

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