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“With its simple, easy-to-follow narrative and huge, glossy photos (of irresistible baby animals, no less), the
Safari Babies series (6 titles) uses just about the cutest critters on the planet to get new and emerging
readers working on their language skills. Geared toward the very youngest readers, this title uses a
repetitive sentence structure, limited vocabulary, and visual clues to guide kids through the text. ""I see a
calf,"" the book opens, while the clearly labelled illustration indicates the elephant calf standing beside its
mother. ""It is a baby elephant!"" From there, the book diagrams parts of the elephant in words and pictures
(""See its ears. They are big""). An ending picture glossary recaps everything, while an index helps
introduce them to the basics of nonfiction. Clear, useful, and adorable—what more could you need?
— Maggie Reagan"

—Maggie Reagan

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